Laker Effect Campaign

What is the Laker Effect?

Playing off the familiar meteorological term "Lake Effect," Grand Valley launched the Laker Effect campaign in February 2016 to showcase the collective impact of the Grand Valley community.

The Laker Effect is the collective impact of the Grand Valley community on individual students, West Michigan, our state, and beyond. The Laker Effect is a force for positive change. 

Lakers are driven by our passion for learning and using that knowledge for the common good. We make a difference by focusing on others and making lasting contributions.

The Laker Effect sets us apart as leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and advocates that help shape the future.

What's Your Laker Effect?

Share your Laker Effect!

Or, if you know of a student, faculty member, staff member, or alum that deserves to have their story told, visit to submit suggestions.

And remember to use #GVLakerEffect when sharing on social media.

The Positive Effect of Integrated Marketing

The Laker Effect image and awareness campaign was created using our key messages as its foundation. Integrating consistent messages about the Grand Valley experience into our communications supports all of us at Grand Valley in helping to

  • recruit excellent students, faculty members, and staff members;
  • enhance the support of alumni and donors; and
  • increase the prestige of a Grand Valley degree as students enter and progress through the workforce and their lives.

These examples show how the Laker Effect is being used in advertising. You may download a Laker Effect background for your phone, tablet, or desktop at Downloads and Wallpapers.

Laker Effect Print Ad

print ad

Laker Effect Billboard Ad

billboard ad

Laker Effect Web Ad

web ad

Laker Effect Bus Ad

bus ad

Laker Effect Web Ad

web ad

Laker Effect Airport Ad

airport ad

People We Want To Reach

  • Current and prospective students, faculty members, and staff members
  • Parents, school counselors, and other influencers
  • Alumni and donors
  • Business/community leaders and elected officials
  • General public

Where You Can Help

Every interaction you have can affect the image of the university.

Use the key messages and proof points where appropriate in all types of communications:

  • Recruitment materials
  • Brochures
  • Orientations for students, parents, faculty members, and staff members
  • Syllabi
  • Websites
  • Talking to friends and family
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others
  • Employment interviews
  • Email signature
  • Tours
  • Electronic and print advertising
  • Events
  • Presentations and speeches

By knowing, understanding, and sharing our messages in all of your personal and professional communications related to the university and sharing your Laker Effect, you help accomplish the university’s goal of enhancing the image and visibility of Grand Valley.

Page last modified December 19, 2017