UFit Plan

The UFit Plan develops a customized fitness plan for you to use as well as provides motivation and accountability to help you stick with it.  It allows you to:

  • Meet with qualified staff to review your medical and health history.
  • Identify and set goals.
  • Complete a fitness appraisal.
  • Receive a strength, cardiovascular and flexibility program.
  • Track your progress, achieve goals and see results.
  • Incorporate nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle strategies if necessary.

How to Get Started

STEP 1: Contact the Fitness & Wellness Center at 331-3659 or email us at rec@gvsu.edu to set up your first appointment

STEP 2: Print off, complete, and bring the following documents with you to your first appointment. (If you are having trouble printing, you can pick this up at the Fitness and Wellness Center).

Page last modified November 6, 2017