The Laker Effect is the collective impact of the Grand Valley State University community on individual students, West Michigan, our state, and beyond. It's a force for positive change.

The Laker Effect In Action - Madalyn Slubowski

The Laker Effect In Action - Madalyn Slubowski Laker Effect

Madalyn is a GVSU Student who, not only excels in her education, but also in her efforts in the community. She is a freshman, Biomedical Science Major. who is involved in Alternative Breaks, Anchor Community Council, and Pre-Medicine Club. Madalyn is familiar with the Grand Rapids area, as she has lived here her whole life.


I asked Madalyn about her experience with service while at Grand Valley thus far. She responded by comparing her recent experience in college to the service she carried out in high school. While in high school, she often felt like volunteering was something you went to and left with little to no reflection on why you were doing the service you were doing. She noted how this has been entirely different while at Grand Valley. She loves the connection it has to education. She feels, with the emphasis we put on reflection, she has been able to develop a deeper understanding of the problems affecting communities.

This past winter break, Madalyn went Virginia with Alternative Breaks, on the Path Creations trip. During this time, she worked at Bear Creek Lake State Park. She did a variety of work including: trail work, fixing up old structures and beautification projects. She spoke highly of this experience and how she intends to do several more trips in years to come. 

One of the statements that stuck out most about Madalyn and I's conversation was when she stated, "After twelve years of high school, everyone's good at being a student, now it's time to get the experience and start applying what you have learned to the real world." Madalyn is an exceptional student who is using her Laker Effect to positively affect not only herself, but those around her. 


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