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Damages & Charges

Charges are used by the Office of Housing and Residence Life to reduce damage, protect residents, and to stabilize housing costs. These charges are billed directly to the students account by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Bills/charges may be paid online or at the service windows at the Student Services Building in Allendale or DeVos Building C downtown.

Individual room/apartment damages will be assessed by the full-time professional staff after departure/check-out or throughout the course of the year. It is the responsibility of the occupant(s) to pay for the replacement or repair of damaged property within a resident's room or in areas adjacent to it (i.e., windows, doors, and suite study areas). If you have any questions about this policy, see your Apartment Director/Living Center Director/Assistant AD/Assistant LCD.

Fees may also be assessed within the community for actions including, but not limited to, leaving bags of trash in the hallway or propping exterior building doors. Public area damage remaining after final check out (or not assessed during the semester ) will be divided and charged to each resident's billing account.


The fees/charges listed are not an exhaustive list, and other charges may be added at the discretion of Housing staff. If you have a question about a fee or charge, please review your student account in MyBanner and/or call Housing at (616) 331-2120. 

NOTE: Due to FERPA laws, we cannot give out specific damage information & rationale to parents, so make sure students are calling our office personally with questions or concerns in regards to charges on their account. Even if students have given parents consent via the Student Accounts Office Release on myBanner, this does NOT cover Housing specifics of the details of these charges. 

Damage Appeals

Housing & Residence Life will consider appeals for damages and/or fees associated at the end of each semester. Appeals will have to be received within a particular timeline of the charge (varies by semester). Please review the Closing Information before submitting your appeal as many questions can be answered through those policies and procedures.

The following circumstances are not considered valid reasons for an appeal:

  • Time constraints during move out. For example, not allowing enough time to defrost a refrigerator, take out trash/recycling, clean thoroughly, or to remove all personal items, etc.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding move out and closing procedures. All move out and closing information was outlined by Housing & Residence Life through your Living Center Director, Resident Assistant staff, email correspondence, community or floor meetings and/or community bulletin boards. 
  • Damage not listed on a Housing Condition Summary (HCS) by Housing Staff or Resident at Move In. The HCS states, "Once you have signed and submitted your completed HCS you will be held responsible for any additional damages found upon checkout." Failure to turn in the Housing Condition Summary results in the resident being responsible for all damage
  • Public area or community damages.  If we are unable to ascertain who caused damage, these damages will be prorated and divided among all the residents of the wing, floor, or building collectively. Click HERE to view your contract. 
  • Failure to return all items at checkout (access card, keys, laundry card). 

If you need additional information about your charges or wish to appeal your charges, please email Susan Brunell, with your name, student number and details of your request.  All appeals must arrive in writing to be considered.  The deadline to appeal your charges is Friday, January 26, 2018, 5:00pm.

Please allow up to 2-3 business days for processing. 

Housing Condition Summary Request

Housing will provide Housing Condition Summaries (HCS) after damages have been assessed for Fall Semester 2017. Only HCS forms with room damage charges are available via this request process.

HCS requests will be accepted until 5pm Friday, January 26th.  Copies will be emailed to the student GVSU email account ( as a .pdf via our department Xerox machine.

Further questions can be directed to Susan Brunell,, or 616-331-2823.

Please allow up to 2-3 business days for processing.